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Take Care

Posted by renusoulhealer on April 4, 2018 at 12:55 AM

                         Take Care 


My day with my grand daughter saved me from a break down .yes it sounds strange me a healer ,therapist, trainer, psychologist etc

I think it to be a strange but true for almost all healers when in a particular phase of their lives nothing seems to work nor the prayers and neither the therapies astrological remedies mantras etc and one no longer believes in self efficacy and starts to wonder how does it work for others and not for myself ? Should I leave it all?


we the ones who belong in the category of mentors i think expect too much out of our selves and turn on all the cylinders to nurture and empower all souls who come into our world and then one day we burn out .we don,t respect the body mind soul which belong to us we tell others please take care of your body it is the only home you have to live in and don't seem to follow it ourselves


I certainly learnt my lesson but in a hard way I'm using this space to air out my thoughts and in the process pass it on to others as a reminder take care you are precious


Take proper rest

Plan your workshop

Schedule your therapy and consultation sessions with proper gaps

Rest in between

Take a vacation

Pamper yourself

Must have a hobby

Visit a spa regularly

Walk regularly

Practice Pranayam it clears your mind and helps remove depression

Sleep for minimum 7 hours

Take lots of water

Sit with your family more often be generous with hugs

Plan at least one meal with your loved ones daily

Be in GRATITUDE for all you have in life

Have a pet at home

Plants specially flowers all around you

Your favourite mug to have tea or coffee

A diffuser with your favourite essential oil I prefer sage and frankinsence

A beautiful quote on my computer screen

Love yourself ,HONOR AND ACCEPT yourself

Thank your body mind and soul more often

Enjoy the present

Pray with mindfulness


As a wellness worker we should remember the oft repeated phrase "healer heal thyself" if we are not OK we can't expect to help others to be OK.


I'm sure most of you must be doing all of it or even more than this

I certainly learnt my lesson but in a hard way I'm using this space to air out my thoughts and in the process pass it on to others as a reminder


Dance Divine

Posted by renusoulhealer on April 3, 2018 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

                          Nourish Thyself



nature and we


Soothing Gentle Nature



Mountains streams trees blue sky all around you and suddenly you are



transported to the land of living from the dark pit of suffocating loneliness



you can actually begin to breathe easy with the faith "All is Well"




The questions often haunting your mind about the relevance of life


why am I living?is this all to life and then you just delve into that fathomless depth to search for that one answer which can end all the miseries of not knowing the purpose of life .Live really and not waste it in pursuit of a self fulfilling prophesy of aimlessness - walking on a goalless road without a map , a plan , an agenda and at the end of the road , totally tired fatigued and broken you ask yourself and wonder was that another lifetime wasted ?



I followed the path of as they call it Spiritual Shopping



one after the other I ended up doing workshop after workshop, course,



studies and specializations in all the subjects and topics which promised



me an answer to the puzzle of life and that one thing which sets a being



free from the endless cycles Of birth and death . Well my search did turn me into


a well read well qualified holistic healer, philosopher, therapist, trainer



psychologist ,astrologer, energy healer and a number of other degrees and



certificates, padding up all the knowledge and not to speak of the late



nights and in between sessions and appointments googling all the



research papers and books on PDF I lapped it all up but the sadness



remained as each day got counted out of my list of life breaths allotted to



me when o when will it be revealed i'm still seeking .Maybe as the wise



ones say it descends on you the grace to see the essence of.. what is

.meanwhile    I     wait





Posted by renusoulhealer on March 25, 2017 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hypnosis and integrated clinical hypnotherapy

are two different things.

sharing a link for more info on an international graduate and post graduate training provider from where I provide training for the same membership of  IMDHA (U.S.A),TASSO,(EUROPE) 

usually whenever we are engrossed in any work more than 30 seconds a trance state is produced that is hypnosis it is neither a sleep state nor a coma 

using the trance state  and  revisiting the issue and working on it for an insight or a closure  is therapy


or even train to be a certified therapist .

1-5 levels cover almost all the levels of life .

Thought, Emotions, Energy, Actions and Consequences 


LISTEN TO THE ceo  YUVRAJ KAPADIA  ( Ekaa Foundation, )  to know how it is useful for everyone wanting to take charge of their lives and make a difference in their or others life specially a tool to be used by healers therapists trainers astrologers , teachers , pychologists , psychiatrists, doctors ,parents, corporates ,seekers, students, coupl






any queries please do write to us 

Happiness at your finger tips

Posted by renusoulhealer on March 22, 2017 at 10:10 PM


meera was a  confident and an intelectual person.infact  when she came in I  actually wondered what could have brought such a person to therapist's clinic 

we started the session and  out came issues of self esteem , hopelessness and internalised anger , standing between her and her happiness . she had a belief if she could be the best mother , wife, daughter , professional, only then she could be happy otherwise life is useless , so she couldn't enjoy what life had alrady blessed her with. 

often we have a picture in our mind about if I  do this ETC    only  then  I will  be  happy 

The thing to understand is that HAPPINESS is a natural state of mind which  can be accessed  the minute one lets go

if onlys and I should, could, must etc 

for any assistance IN achieving your HAPPINESS PLease do write to us